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If you are looking for an estimate of value here is a suggestion. First you will need to give a description of the pistol. Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent condition. Is the pistol still working? Also it helps if you place the question in the "Air gun and Air rifle" Category so it can be found and answered. This question is in an Uncategorized category and may never be answered.

The current condition of the pistol will determine its estimated value.

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Q: What is the value of a crosman 150 22 cal?
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When was the crosman 150 CO2 pellet gun made?

The Crosman model 150 was made between 1954-1967. It is a .22 cal pellet pistol.

Where can you get a Crosman model 150 co2 22 cal repaired?

Crosman offer a free service to locate shops that repair older Crosman air guns. see the link below

What is value of mossberg model 250 22 cal?


What is the value of a rossi cal 22 handgun?

50-150 or so

What is the value of a crosman mark 1 in excellent condition?

This .22 cal pistol was made between 1966-83 in two variations. In Excellent condition (Like new) it is worth around $150. It is styled after the Ruger .22 firearm.

What is the value of crosman 22 cal pellet gun model?

Crosman has made several model .22 Caliber pistols. Please state the model number. The condition of the gun and is it still working?

What is the value of Crossman 22 cal pellet pistol in excellent condition grips are grey plastic?

Need more information as to the model. Crosman made several .22 cal pistols.

What year did Crosman make a 22 cal bb rifle?

Crosman never made a .22 cal BB rifle. They made several .22 Cal Pellet rifles over the years. Several are still in production.

What is the value of a high standard 22 cal rifle?

50-150 or so

What is the value of a crosman model 102 repeater 22 cal air rifle in good condition?

Between $125 - $165

What is the value of Crosman 400 repeater 22 cal in good condition?

It would be worth between $80 - $100 in good condition.

What is the value of a crosman 140 22 cal in very good condition?

$65 to $80. See the link below for the owners manual