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It all depends on CONDITION (just like everything else ) . Start with matching parts (serialized) most important is the matching frame , backstrap and barrel . Everything from rust , pitting , original finish , broken or missing parts , bore condition and rareity dictates the value as does the market demand . Since nobody wants to answer this question yet Ill take a shot at it . Between $900 and $3000 . First you have to determine if you have a first, second, or third generation Colt 1860, or an Italian made replica (it could be marked as a Colt 1860 Army but would also have other markings). Of course, the replica would be low-end and the high-dollar one will be an original in excellent condition with a verifiable history of Confederate use.

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Q: What is the value of a colt model 1860 army?
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When was the Colt 44 six shooter made?

The 44 caliber Colt Army Model 1860 revolver began production in 1860 and was made until 1873

What year is a colt 44 cal serial 35?

A Colt .44 1860 army model with serial number 35 was made in 1860, the first year of production.

What is the year of manufacture of a Colt Army 1860 serial number 67232?

if original civil war model then about 1862

Do they still make the colt 1860 inert army?


Value of colt model 1922 us serial 444810 large model of 1911 us army?

if you are referring to the model 1911 Colt pistol with serial number 444810, then it was made by Colt in 1918........................

Value of colt model 1911 us army serial 289676?

price depends on overall condition

What is the value of a Armi San Marco 1860 colt army brass 44 caliber black powder revolver?

depending on condition $150 - $250

What is the age of a colt single action army serial number 157240?

A Colt single action 1860 army with that serial number was made in 1866.

What is the year of manufacture of a Colt Army 1860 serial number 15263?

about 1864

What is value of 1875 us army colt?

there are different model colts. what is your model, caliber and overall condition. serial number would help...............

What is the value of us army model colt DA45 1917 serial number 68966?

0-500 usd

What is the Value of a colt 45 model 1911 us army serial?

100 to multiple thousands depending on specifics.