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100-5000 USD

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Q: What is the value of a colt 45 NM?
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When was a colt national math serial number 32902 nm made and what is the value of it?

Don't know value, but Colt national match .45 with that serial number was made in 1969.

When was your colt 45 National Match serial number 830-NM made - Value?

Don't know the value, but it was made in 1st year of production, 1957.

When was colt gold cup serial number 15051?

The Colt Gold Cup NM .45 with serial number 15051 NM was made in 1965

What year was colt 34315-NM made?

Your Colt gold cup national match .45 was made in 1969.

What is value of a colt national match 45 auto pistol with serial number 3792-NM and in excellent or very good condition and with original colt box?

if in shooting condition I'd offer $500

What year was a Colt 45 with number 5219 NM made?

The Colt Gold Cup National Match .45 with serial # 5219NMwas produced in 1959. made about 1959

What is the manufacture date of Colt 36808-NM?

Colt gold cup national match .45 with that serial number was manufactured in 1970.

What is the age and value of a colt .45 peacemaker serial 180356?

The age and value of a colt .45 peacemaker serial 180356 are about 1900

What was the date of manufacture for a COlt 1911a1 serial number 34524-NM?

About 1969 with that serial number for a Colt goldcup national match .45

What is the value of a colt 45 us army 2249075?

made by Colt in 1945

What year was springfield armory model 1911a1 45 cal with nm 137111 made?

made in 1916 by Colt. Your Colt has a Springfield slide, which is not unusual.

When was cal 45 colt 1911 serial no NM36740 manufactured?

I believe in 1957 Colt ran a batch of 45 pistols with the prefix of 'NM' So, your pistol could be around 1957/58