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Q: What is the value of a buddie arms double deuce derringer serial number 6971?
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When was Derringer 38 Special serial number 022861 made?

We need a make of derringer.

What is value of Buddies Double Deuce Derringer serial?


What is the age of a German Derringer serial number 60712?

I was told by a gun collector that a five digit number on an imported derringer is not a serial number- it is a lot number ( a serial number should be at least 6 digits) what about the proof markings on the gun? can this identify the company or date or just the country of origin?

How do you age a butler derringer by serial number B91206?

No public database- sorry.

What is the value of derringer model 3277?

Which a single shot mississippi, split breach, vest, double derringer (model 95), caliber, variation? I'm suspecting your talking a double derringer 41 rimfire but that's likely not even a serial but a batch number. There's over a dozen variations with a HUGE range in value and even that's greatly dependent on condition.

What is the value of a derringer philadelphia with the serial number jo26611?

Only what someone is willing to pay !

How much is a D38 derringer pistol worth serial number is F81805?

100 or so

What year and value colt derringer?

No way to answer without a serial number and complete description

What year was the American derringer model 1 made?

You don't provide a serial number.

Who makes Derringer 38 sp serial number F40567?

Impossible to answer without more information.

When was Derringer Model D 38 serial number 022861 made?

No published sn data

When was the Colt 22 short serial number 32317 D built?

Need to know if it is a derringer or rifle.