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About $600.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 94 NRA centennial rifle lever action repeating rifle 24 barrel serial number NRA 486836?
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What has the author Arthur Pirkle written?

Arthur Pirkle has written: 'Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms' -- subject(s): Winchester rifle 'Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 3, The Models of 1894 and 1895 (Tourism Dynamics)'

What is the value of a Winchester model 93 30-30 lever action serial no3131681?

What is the value of a Winchester model 93 30/30 lever action repeating arms

What is the value of Winchester 30-30 Canadian centennial 1867 - 1967 matched pair of the lever action repeating carbine and rifle?

If both rifle and carbine are in unfired(new in the box condition) with the hang tags and original boxes?The value will be 1,375 dollars for the set.

What is value of 1971 Winchester model 94 NRA Centennial 30-30 lever action new in the box?

500 USD

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle 30-30 Gold plated Centennial 1966?

450$ blue book value.

What is the value of a Winchester Repeating Arms rifle that is not marked with a model number?

If it is a lever action, the model number will be behind the hammer.

Value of Winchester Centennial 66 lever action repeating rifle 30 30 26 in octagonal barrell model 6601 serial 66551 Purchased new1966 original certificate warranty box?

If the rifle in question was never fired(new in the box) then the value will be 695 dollars.If it was fired then the value will be 300 dollars.

Did browning make a 16 gauge ranger repeating pump shotgun?

No browning did not,but winchester made a ranger model pump action shotgun.

What are some tipe of repeating rifles?

Marlin, Winchester, Henry, Sako, Remington The TYPES may include bolt action, pump, lever action, and autoloading as the most common types.

What is the value of Winchester model 94 Centennial grade one 30 30 lever action carbine serial cn04821 in box never fired?

If it has never been fired, never had the action cycled, is still in the origianl box with all paperwork, in the 700-900 range.

What year was Winchester 94 no 3842268?

The Winchester Model 1894 rifle is a lever-action repeating rifle that became one of the most This was not a major concern when the gun was originally designed; the most common upgrade to guns of the pre–World War II era

What was the first Winchester repeater rifle?

The great-grandaddy of the Winchester lever action rifle was the Volcanic pistol, developed by Smith and Wesson. Oliver Winchester began buying stock in The Volcanic Repeating Arms Company in 1855. The company name became the New Haven Arms Company in 1857 after both Smith and Wesson dropped their share of the ownership. In 1860 production of the Henry Rifle began. This is usually considered the first Winchester. I don't know exactly when the company became Winchester Repeating Arms, but the first gun to actually carry the Winchester name was the Model 1866.