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That's a pretty unusual gun, being short only. If it hasn't been refinished or modified it's definitely worth in excess of $1000. I can't say exactly, as I can't find anything to compare it to, but that's a good thing. Rarity really increases a Winchester's value.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 57 22 cal short only rifle in good condition?
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What is the value of a Winchester long and long rifle Model 69 22 short?

Your Winchester model 69 can shoot the short,long,and long rifle 22.Your Winchester is selling for between 100-300 dollars depending on condition.

What is value of Winchester Model 61 22 short long and long rifle?

around $500. It depends a lot on the condition.

What is the value of the Winchester model 70 22 short?

The Winchester model 70 is a centerfire rifle. It was never made in 22 short caliber.

What is the value of a winchester model 62 a 22 pump rifle chambered for short long and long rifle in excellent condition no scratches perfect blueing?

500-2000 usd

Is 223 caliber Winchester Model 70 a Long or Short Action rifle?

The 223 is considered a Short Action rifle.

What is the value of a model 150 Winchester 22 lever action that shoots short long or long rifle?

In good condition about 250 dollard firm

What is the value of your Winchester or short and long rifle serial number 801585?

In order to give your the correct answer you seek.I will need to have the model of Winchester and the overall condition of the rifle in question.Please include the amount of original finish remaining and the bore,s condition,along with the serial number that you supplied.

What is the value of a model 1906 Winchester 22 Short Long or Long rifle serial number 415830 Fair condition?

Your Winchester model 1906 which was made in the year 1914 will bring between 350-450 dollars in the condition that you describe.This is based on your rifle having 50% of its original finish remaining and a decent bore.

How can you tell what model a Winchester pump 22 short rifle is?

The model number should be stamped into the barrel near the Winchester name. It will say "model" or "model of"

Is a Winchester model 70-308 a short action or long action rifle?

Short action

What is the values of a Winchester model 06 1911 22 pump action short and long rifle serial number 728596 condition is fair with only a crack in the stock?

A Winchester model 1906 in the condition that you describe will bring between 275-400 dollars on today,s market.

What is the age of a Winchester 1892 short rifle Caliber 38-40 Serial 341172?

Your winchester model 1892 was made by winchester in 1906.