What is the value of a Winchester model 52?

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Value of a Winchester 52 can vary from $200.00 to $3600.00 or more depending on the model and condition. The 52 Target rifle went through many changes over the 60 years of its production. Unless they are in near mint condition, early models that resemble Enfield military rifles in appearance are generally not as desirable as later B and C versions with the more classic Marksman stock and internal improvements to the lock and trigger mechanisms. The D model with its kitschy white-line spacers and single-shot configuration are not quite as desirable but are easier to find in good condition. The only thing special about the E model is that there weren't many of them sold so it's relatively rare. The Sporter version of all four generations is almost always three times as expensive as the Target version of similar age. If you go to the web sites, gun or Auction or guns and type in Winchester 52 their search engine will bring up all of the model 52's currently for sale. Also there is an explanation on how to rate the condition of your firearm, excellent, fine, good, poor on these sites. It's important to study the various versions because original condition is the key to collector value and alot of the 52's for sale have been significantly altered by owners who were competitive shooters. Good Luck

AnswerIt depends greatly on the model variation. The .22's Model 52 were sold as 52b, then 52c, and finally 52d. Some known examples exist of 52e's. The 52c had a replaceable cartridge mag, while the 52d was a single shot with feed ramp only. These are highly sought after target rifles. If marked with U.S. as used by the US Army, they are even more collectable. They are great shooting rifles. AnswerYou forgot the model 52 witch was before 1939 and before the B .
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Q: What is the value of a Winchester model 52?
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