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I would have to say that the obvious answer would be..."whatever someone is willing to pay for it". I'm not being coy, just truthful. What is the condition of your rifle? Stock,barrel,firing mechanism,sights,sight bridge,bluing,spring loaded push arm? All these points factor into what you might possibly get from a prospective buyer. Because the Model 74 is not "ALL that" collectable, and because the 74s' were produced quite some time ago, the market for this rifle is pretty skinny.(IMO) Mine has a serial number of 203051A. It belonged to my grandfather and I'm nearly 60 years old. Does that mean anything? Actually no. I have no idea when he bought it but, I do remember seeing it around for a very long time. He "could" have purchased it in the 40's. The Winchester Model 74 was manufactured from 1939 to 1945 the first year of production it was produced in 22 short only after that it was produced as a 22 Long Rifle. You can find the value by looking it up in one of several publications that provide that type of information.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester Model 74 long rifle?
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