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I have been trying to find the answer to your question as well. So far I've found that auction price is anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00. If it has never been fired and you still have the box they can go for $550.00.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-15 11:19:21
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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 94 30-30 Illinois Sesquicentennial Commemorative that has never been fired and has no marks or scratches in the original finish?
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How many Illinois Sesquicentennial model 94-30-30 Winchester?


What is the value of Winchester 94 30 30 Illinois sesquicentennial 1818-1968?


What is the value of an Illinois Sesquicentennial model 94 30 30 Winchester?

if your Winchester model 1894 Sesquicentennial rifle is in unfired condition?Then it will bring 595 dollars.Not bad for a rifle that cost 110 dollars in 1968 when it was issued.

What is the value of an Illinois Sesquicentennial model 94-30-30 Winchester?

Go to You might see this item up for auction to give you an idea of value.

What is the value of an 1818 1968 Illinois Sesquicentennial coin?

1818-1968 silver illinois sesquicentennial coincontains 27.5 grams of .999 fine silver (.883 oz asw)

How much silver is in a 1968 Illinois sesquicentennial?

4.11 troy ounces.

What is the range of value of a winchester mod 94 30-30 Illinois sesquicentnnial sn SI3243?

your winchester commemorative rifle which was made in 1968,is valued at 595 dollars if it is unfired and still with the rifle,s box in which it was issued.

Is the 1818-1968 Illinois Sesquicentennial coin a gold coin?

The Illinois Sesquicentennial coin came in two varieties, a Silver Proof coin and a Bronze coin. At the time, you had to buy 25 of the bronze coins to order to get to be able to purchase a silver coin.

What is the silver content of a silver illinois sesquicentennial coin?

A date and denomination is needed, post new question.

What year is Winchester 94 Illinois Sequicentennial IS 30158?

Your Illinois Sequicentennial was issued in 1968,by Winchester firearms company.

Where did Stephen Douglas live during the civil war?

winchester illinois

What is the value of an 1818-1968 Illinois Sesquicentennial coin?

depends on quality uncirculated prices upwards of 21.50 low grade 1.98prices are fluctuating but this coin is one to watch

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