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The Winchester 1906 chambered for .22 short lists for $600 in NRA Good condition and $1200 in Very Good. The standard model chambered for short, long, or long rifle cartridges is listed for $350 and $800 in those grades and the Expert model (with a pistol grip stock) at $650 and $1250 with a premium of 25% for a half-nickeled version and 100% for a fully nickeled Expert.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 06?
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30-06 Winchester model 94 value?

The Winchester model 1894 rifle was never chambered in the 30-06 caliber.

What is the value of a Winchester P17 30-06?

As of October 2009 a Deactivated Winchester P17 30-06 rifle in good condition is worth £300 to £400.

What is value of Winchester 670-30-06 sprg serial 102587?


What is the value of a 22 caliber Winchester Model 06 pump serial 630575?

The Winchester 1906, successor to the Winchester 1896, has a value of $200 on up to $1,000, depending entirely on condition. Average 06's are readily available for $350 to $600 at gun shows.

What is the age and value of a Winchester 22 pump model 06 serial number 610921? has serial number tables for Winchester.

What is the value of your Winchester model 670 30-06?

The Winchester Model 670 30 06 is a bolt action rifle. It was designed as a cheap alternative to fancier, more expensive hunting rifles sold at true market value.

What is the value of a Winchester model 06 22 rifle?

value depends on condition. value could range from $300 to over $1000

What is the value of a Winchester 22 rifle model 06?

10-1000 + USD depending on specifics.

Value of 1959 Winchester 30-06 rifle?

Depends on the condition of the gun. Send a picture

What is value of Winchester model 70 30-06?

100 to tens of thousands depending on EXACTLY what you have.

Have a 1901 Winchester model 06 22pump rifle looking to know value of it?

50-1000 usd

What is the date of manufacture and value of a Winchester 70 Featherweight 30-06 serial 437155?

Around 1949

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