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Q: What is the value of a Smith Wesson 1947 MP 38 revolver ANIB?
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When was serial numger k8841 smith and Wesson revolver made?


What year was Smith and Wesson revolver model 14-3 serial?

The Smith and Wesson model K14-3 was produced from 1947-1982. You would need to write into Smith and Wesson with the model and serial number. They can pull the date and send it back to you.

What is manufacture date of smith and Wesson serial k28649?


What kind of 22 6shot revolver is this?

It is a Smith & Wesson, possibly a model 17 K-22 Masterpiece. They were made from 1947-1993 (in the blued version shown in your photo) and are extremely good target guns.

What year smith and Wesson k22 serial number k35855 made?


What is the age of Smith and Wesson 38 sn S 928878?

Made @ 1947.

What year was a smith and Wesson k-22 serial number k-2287 made. My research suggests 1947. Can anyone verify this?

could also be 1948...............

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