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No such model listed on their website.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-17 19:18:22
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Q: What is the value of a Remington model 84 rifle?
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How old is a Remington model 84?

Remington never made a model 84 anything, unless that's a typewriter or firetruck or something other then a firearm.

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 84 30-30 lever action rifle serial 1890066?

There is no model 84. A model 94 with that serial number was manufactured in 1952. Its value will depend on condition. Have it appraised by a professional.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Company Model 84 22Caliber rifle?

The J Stevens Arms Model 84 (not 84 A or 84 B or C, just model 84) production dates to 1930-1936. Very good condition it is worth 150.00. Good, 100.00, fair 75.00.

Where to find a clip for a small 84 cal long rifle made in Italy?

Take the rifle to a gun shop so they can figure out what make, model and caliber rifle you have. There is no 84 caliber long rifle.

What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 serial number 1011463?

Your winchester model 1894 rifle was made by winchester in 1927.That makes your rifle 84 years old.There was a rifle like yours that was made in 1928 for sale on gun rifle was in real nice shape as to the blueing and wood.The rifle sold for 600 dollars.

Who made the Springfield model 84 bolt-action .22 rifle?

The Springfield Model 84 was made by J. Stevens Arms Company, Chicopee, Mass.

What is age of Winchester model 84 serial number 62797?

Do you mean a model 1894 rifle?If this is the case then your Winchester model 1894 rifle would have been made in the year 1896.

What is the value of a Winchester 1976 bicentenial model 84 in box?

Assuming you meant a model 94,not 84.The value is 695 dollars if never fired and with the original box.

What is the value of Pietro Beretta model 84?

$300-400, depending on condition and exact model.

What is value of a Beretta model 84 380 pistol?

0 To 400.00

What year was the bee man rifle model ' falcon' made?

Beeman model Falcon 1&2 were made in Spain between 1981-84

What is the value of a Mauser model 71 84?

Depends on EXACTLY what you have, condition, etc..

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