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I also have a Remington Model 6 that was given to me by my Uncle whom had received it from my Grandfather. As a very youg boy I can remember seeing it in my Grandfathers packhouse. He used it to kill rats and vermin around the barn yard. It was in really poor shape when I received it but I lovingly restored it. Anyway the model 6 was made from 1901-1933 with a total of 497,000 being produced. A rifle in 100% condition is valued at $600, 10% is valued at $75 with a 25% increase for a smooth bore barrel. Mine is priceless.

AnswerI have found over the years that any item is worth only what someone is willing to pay for . Last week, 8/13/05, at a gun show in NC I was offered $250 for my Remington Improved model 6. When I declined the dealers offer a bystander offered me $350. I still declined because I didn't really want to sell I just wanted an appraisel. My grandmother bought the gun new and gave it to me in 1953, I am giving it to my grandson and wanted to tell him it's value.

I have one that is being completely restored, and the offered value at that point is $1000.00 in my area. Not restored it is worth around $300.00.

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Q: What is the value of a Remington Improved Model 6 22?
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Remington never made a Model 1905 22 rifle.

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Value will depend on which Model you have and the condition it is in.

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Remington never made a "improved" model 8, unless it's called the Model 81 (an improved version of the model 8) however this gun was never (and couldn't be) offered in a 22, it's a center-fire rifle only. Either you have mis-identified what you have or the amount of gun-smithing done is substantial and like amazing if it works.

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Which model, what condition, condition, and condition?????

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I dont know what the value is but my grandpa bought it for $2.

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i seached the net, seens i have a model 12 Remington .22 and it seems to be going for about 300+ American

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