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In great condition a little over $500. Check this website:

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Q: What is the value of a Remington 22 pump rifle with an octagon barrel that shoots short long and long rifles and has last pederson's patent date nov 21 1911 serial no RW 125450?
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When was this Model 12 Remington - Octagon barrel mfg Serial?

post the serial and your get an answer.

How can you tell what model 12 Remington your 22 pump is if it doesn't salon the barrell?

None of them say. 22 short, long, or long rifle round barrel 12-A octagon barrel 12-C 22 short (octagon) 12-B 22 Remington Special (octagon) 12-CS

Octagon barrel on a Remington 32 rifle?

You have not asked a question yet. Please try again.

What year was a 32 caliber rimfire Remington octagon barrel rifle serial?

Cannot answer with info you provided.

What is the difference of a Remington model 12 22 caliber and 22 special with the octagon barrel?

They are two very different cases, minimally the barrel and breaches are different.

What is the value of an old Remington rifle 32 calibre with octagon barrel?

I too have a rifle matching this description. Any information would be of interest.

Is there a hexagonal barrel?

No but there is a octagon barrel

What is the age and value of 32 Remington rifle with a octagon barrel serial number 110740?

I received a similar rifle from my grandfather. He had a letter from Remington stating the rifle was manufactured between 1900 - 1907, if I remember correctly.

What is a Remington Mod 4 with octagon barrel?

The Model 4 is a rolling block. They made ~350,000 from 1890 to 1933 in calibers from 22 short to 32 long...

Octgon barrel on a Remington 32 cal rifle?

Could be a lot of things, is this a pump, rolling block (single shot), need more details, barrel length, take down, etc.... Also it's often referred to as Octagon but it's not it's Hexagon, off hand I can think of no manufacturer that ever made a Octagon barrel.

How do you find the age of a Remington model 4 octagon barrel with no serial number?

The Remington model 4 rolling block rifle was made between 1890-1933.If you have a model 4S military rifle,then these were made by Remington from 1913-1923.your rifle has either a 22.5in barrel,or a 24in barrel.These were chambered in .22,.25 Stevens,or 32 caliber.

When was Rem 22 special Octagon barrel made serial 299xxx?

I'm guessing your talking about a Remington model 12-CS pump?If so it was made in early 1915.