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The value of your Parker and Greener, are based on the model, grade and condition of each piece. With that said, you should visit a reputable gun shop in your area and have them appraise your guns. Let them know that you are interested in an appraisal for insurance purposes and not what they would be willing to buy them for. Good luck.

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Q: What is the value of a Parker Brothers and a WW Greener double barrel shotguns?
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What years did W Greener manufacture double barrel damascus shotguns?

1829 to 1869

Where can you get w w greener 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

I have a circa 1874 W.W. Greener double barrel shotgun. It was made in Birmingham England. It has double hammers with nice engraving. Greener shotguns are still produced today but in limited numbers.

What are the names of gun makers that made double barrel shotguns with hammers in the 1800's?

Greener is one. There are dozens of others.

How old is your double barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with markings it was made by Jas Parker Sons?

I have two 1878 Jas Parker & Sons double barrel shotguns.

Is there such a gun called double barrel twist made by Parker Brothers or Milton Bradly?


Who made an 8 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Many makers made double barrel 8 bores british ,p.webley ,greener,are just a couple. then there wher American ,Parker, and i believe armi in the sixties made some

What is the history of 1840 Parker double barrel shotgun?

To answer your question quickly,the answer is none.Parker Bros.began production of there shotguns in the year 1866.They continued production until 1934 when Remington took over production and then moved the plant to Ilion,New York in 1938.While you mave have a shotgun dated to 1840,this would not be a Parker Brothers shotgun.

Double barrel shotgun serial?

Parker double barrel serial #131072 what would the grade be and date made.I can say that with the serial number provided,your Parker shotgun was made in the year 1904.As to the grade,that would be impossible to say without a detailed description of the shotgun in may find that there is much info available to you thru the internet about parker shotguns that will assist you in deciding which grade of Parker shotgun you have.

Did crescent firearms make damascus barrel shotguns?


What are model no for Winchester dobble barrel shotguns?

model #24

Where is the proof located on a W Greener rifle?

CHeck the frame, receiver and barrel.

What is the Value of a 1928 Parker 16 gauge side by side double barrel shotgun?

Many of the shotguns are valued in price close to $5,000 each. The amount will vary depending upon the condition that the shotgun is in.

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