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50-300 USD or so

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Q: What is the value of a Hawes Western Marshall 357 magnum made by JP Sauer?
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When was hawes firearms .357 magnum made?

Between 1973 and 1981. These were made by JP Sauer and Sons in Germany, and imported by Hawes.

What is the value of a JP Sauer and Sohns L.A. Western six shooter 357 magnum?


Value of jp sauer and sohn 44 mag revolver western marshall?


Information on the j.p. sauer sa 357 revolver?

Made by J.P. SAUER & SOHN in Germany. Most likely imported by Hawes. Value 125-175.

Does a Sig Sauer p229 shoot 357 Magnum?

No. You can get a Sig P229 that will fire .357 Sig, but that is not the same as .357 magnum.

What yr made Hawes Western Marshal 357 mag single action Serial 322786 any history and value?

Late 60's import made by J.P. Sauer. Value range 150-275 USD

Value of 357 magnum JP Sauer Sohn 138533?

100-300 USD

What is the value of a JP Sauer sohn chief Marshall 357?

75-250 or so

Is there a history for the hawes .25 automatic pistol?

Hawes was a major importer during the 50s and 60s. The .25 was Italian made by Galisi. It was sold under several models numbers and names, the most common was the Courier and Model 50 and 504-505. J P Sauer also produced a .25 automatic fthat Hawes imported. They are marked " Made in West Germany ".

How do i take apart and reassemble a Hawes Firearms Co J P Sauersohn 357 mag cal?

J.P. Sauer & Sons of Eckernforde, Germany made all, to my knowledge, of the various firearms imported and sold by Hawes Firearm Co. of Van Nuys, Ca. I believe that Hawes Firearms was in and out of business in the 1960,s. I, by the way, have a couple of their single action revolvers and find them to be very good guns. My belief is that they are probably about as strong as a Ruger. J.P. Sauer & Sons only made cartridge firearms. The Hawes Firearms replica black powder percussion revolvers were made in Italy by Arimi San Paolo, Rigarmi, and another unknown Italian manufacturer using COM marking. Some were marked just "Made in Italy" along with the Hawes Firearms markings. Dr. Jim L. Davis

Jp sauer western six shooter 22 cal value?

35-100 USD

What is value of j p sauer and sohn 357 mag cal Texas marshall revolver?

It is a Montana Marshal