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Depends on condition. Price range from 500-1000

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Q: What is the value of a Colt Diamondback 38 caliber 6 barrel nickel plated?
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Value of colt diamondback 4in barrel nickel plated 22LR?

A few hundred to a thousand or more depending on configuration, age, condition and orginality.

22 caliber nickel plated 7 shot on the barrel it says bulls eye no other marks 2in barrel like to know the maker if any value?

50 or so

What is the age and value of a nickel plated 38 caliber Colt Army Special serial 348333 with a 5-inch barrel bone handle and custom grips in fair condition?

made about 1913

Can you shoot P 38 caliber ammo in a SW nickel Plated model 36 38 caliber revolver?

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT EVEN TRY TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is age and value of a nickel plated 32 caliber Smith and Wesson with ivory grips a 3 inch barrel and a serial in the 22xxx range?

Single action or double action? Exactly how is it marked?

What is the age and value of a Colt SA 25332 38 caliber handgun with stag grips nickel-plated cylinder backstrap trigger guard and sleeve under the barrel with all else oxidized metal?


What is the price of a Colt Python 4 barrel nickel plated fully engraved?

50-5000 usd

What is the value of Model 325 5 shot bolt action nickel plated 21 and a half inch barrel in 3030 caliber?

I just saw a blued one in a gun store in Costa Mesa Ca. on sales for $275.00

What is the value of a 38 caliber short barrel chrome plated smith Wesson revovler 1920?

100 USD

What is the value of a Smith Wesson 357 magnum nickel plated black grip 4 barrel revolver?

What model?

What is the value of Rossi pump action nickel plated stainless steel barrel rifle model 62sa g2211703?

There is no nickel plated stainless steel- one or the other. Rossia 62A is selling for $350-$425 depending on condition

What is a browning 6mm 35 caliber nickel plated with pearl handles and gold trigger worth?

Impossible to answer. Are you referrring to a 25ACP or 9MM?