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You will have to call Browning.

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Q: What is the value of a Belgian Browning Auto 5 - 3 Magnum built in 1974 in perfect condition Only 3 shells have been fired through it Serial Number is 1Kg311?
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What year was your Belgian Standard weight 16 ga Auto-5 with serial number X720xx made?

Assuming that is a Browning shotgun, the serial number you listed does not appear in my Browning records. You can contact Browning Customer Service through their website.

Browning A500R751NZ10260 with 3 choke tubes the gun is in excellent condition with less than a box of shells through it what it its value?


Where do the Germans invade France?

Through the Belgian Ardennes.

How much is a browning shotgun worth?

Depends on model, condition and age. You can also compare your model with other browning models on online listing sites such Or you can take pictures and pay for an appraisal through the blue book of gun values.

How do you date a browning a5 shotgun?

Contact Browning customer service through their website.

What was the last year the belgium browning auto 5 was made?

Production of the A5 in Japan began in 1976, but some Belgium FN guns were produced for Browning up through 1978. A special run of Belgian Mag 12's were made for the Browning Collectors Association in 1984. Keep in mind that FN in Belgium continued after the 70's to produce the gun for world wide sales outside of the US. These are considered "FN Auto-5's" and are not Browning Co. guns. auto5man

What is 7mm browning automatic rifle around 70 or early 70s fired but excellent condition wRedfield scope wsee through sites worth?

100-800 USD

I have a 1991 A-500 Browning in excellent condition Shotgun comes with 3 choke tubes Less than a box of shells have been through it Can you tell me what it is worth?


What is the value of a Browning Belgium 30-06 5L 33577 in excellent condition with beautiful wood stock Not more than 50 rounds through it?

50-550 usd

Where can you get a browning firearm factory refurbished?

Contact Browning Customer Service through their website. They ARE still in business.

What is the value of a Browning light 12 made in Belgium factory engraving special steel sn 7g under 9000 not a scratch on it probably not a box of shells through it?

Your browning light 12 auto-5 shotgun which was made in 1967,is going for 650 dollars in 98% condition,if it has a vent rib barrel then your shotgun is worth 925 dollars in the condition you describe.

What is 7mm browning automatic rifle around 70 or early 70 s fired but excellent condition Redfield scope and see through sites worth?

100-700 USD depending on EXACT configuration, condition, box, accessories, papers.

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