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Please provide all the markings exactly as they are stamped on the gun. The information you have provided does not match any Browning product.

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Q: What is the value of a 20 gauge Browning single shotgun serial 3525 made in Belgium?
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Trying to figure out what model Browning shotgun this is single shot serial?

Please add the serial, but it is likely a single barrel trap gun such as the BT99

What is the age of Belgium Browning serial number 37000?

A detailed description is needed. Is it a hand gun or a long gun? Revolver or Semi-auto? Bolt, pump, single shot or semi-auto rifle/shotgun? Serial number?

Where can you find an old 22 cal bolt for a belgium browning single shot rifle?

Try on line auctions, want ads, egunparts, ShotGun News.

When was my Smithsonian single barrel 410 shotgun serial?


What is the value and date of manufacture of belgium browning 20 ga ser?

You did not provide the serial number. If you call Browning, they can tell you when it was made. You did not describe the shotgun. Is it an over/under, side by side, semi auto or single shot? You need to describe the finish and overall condition for even a guess at value. Check on line auctions to see if one similar to yours has sold lately.

How much value does a browning single shot shotgun have being made in 1903?


What is a Belgium breech loading single shot rifle?

Browning has made one in the past

Where is the serial number on a Winchester Model 37 shotgun?

There were no serial numbers stamped on the original Winchester Mdl. 37, single shot shotgun.

Did Browning ever make a 10 gauge single barrel shotgun?

browning 10 gaugeyes browning did make a 10 gauge single barrel.this gun was made in 1959,my dad use to Owen one. --- Absolutely Not ---The above poster is mistaken. Browning has never offered a single-shot 10ga shotgun. The slide-action BPS 10ga only has one barrel, but it is

Can you tell about browning 12Ga?

Nothing without you providing a detailed description of your shotgun,to include the model,serial number to age your shotgun and what type of barrel it has(single,double,over under etc.)also include if it is a plain barrel,solid matte rib,or vent rib barrel.

What is a Belgium Browning 22 bolt action single shot?

Browning didnt make a 22 bolt action single shot. They made the T-Bolt and A-Bolt models in .22LR, but both had magazines. None were single shots.

When did springfield make serial number 30368?

when did spring make 12g single barrel shotgun serial number 30368