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your Winchester model 1300 in unfired condition would be worth between 300-350 dollars.

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Q: What is the value of a 1987 Winchester Model 1300 Shotgun that has never been fired?
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What vintage is your Winchester model 70 308 caliber?

Purchased April 1977, never fired.

How much is a 1975 Winchester like new never fired model94 30-30 worth. Ser?

Your post-64 model 1894 Winchester will go for 350-400 in new never fired condition.

What is a 1897 Winchester 32-20 worth in good condition?

I would check your model number?The Winchester model 1897 was a shotgun made by Winchester,while the 32-20 caliber is a rifle cartridge that was used in the model 1894 Winchester lever action rifle and other models,but never in the model 1897 shotgun.

Why is there never a model 2200 Winchester shotgun pump action in any of the Winchester catalogs?

The 2200 was only sold in Canada. Never in a US catalog that I am aware of.

What is the value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired.?

The value of a Winchester 9410 that has never been fired varies depending on the specific model and year it was produced. Early and commemorative models are worth between $1,000 and $3,000.

What is the value of a Winchester 12 gauge model 23 XTR shotgun Never shot?


What is the value of a model 94 Winchester that has never been fired?

A few hundred to a few thousand depending on EXACTLY what you have.

What is the age and value of Winchester model 94 30 30 serial number 4872124 that's never been shot?

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle was produced in the year 1980.The value of a Winchester model 1894 that is considered new in the box(never fired) is 350-375 dollars.

What is value of Winchester model 12 ducks unlimited 20 gauge new in box never fired?

500 USD

What is the value of a 1960's Winchester model 94 30-30 never fired serial?

50-500 usd

How much is a Winchester 22 Model 320 never fired and still with original box worth?

50-175 usd

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 22 magnum never fired?

You actually have a Winchester model 9422M.These will bring between 450-550 dollars for a rifle in the condition you describe.They are becoming quite collectable.