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It would top out at $250 as a mantle decoration. Unless you mean a Parker Brothers shotgun. Then it could be several thousand dollars.

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Q: What is the value of a 12 gauge A Parker shotgun with double barrels hammers and triggers?
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Where can you get a barrel for a Parker bros shotgun with hammers?


Could someone help with info on a Parker muzzleloading shotgun Double hammers and triggers Elk Head on buttstock London fine laminated steel on center rib T3 on underside of left barrel and 14 on both?

to get an informed answer, ask your question at

What is the value of a Parker double barrel with a rabbit etched in the barrels?

I dont know of any true Parker Brothers shotgun that had a 'rabbit etched in the barrels.' Would need to know exactly how the gun is marked so we can ID it properly.

How much is a Parker or Barker shotgun worth?

Both of those names are in the list of old shotguns imported from Belgium c. 1900. Probably sold by Sears Roebuck. Laminated steel barrels should be retired. If it has side hammers, it should bring $125-$150 as a mantle decoration.

What are the details configuration on Parker shotgun bhe 196239?

According to Parker Identification & Serialization, 196239 is a Grade 5 gun, Acme steel barrels, it is hammerless which was introduced in 1888, it has ejectors, has a straight grip, has a 12ga bore & has 34 inch long barrels.

Did Parker make a shotgun with interchangeable 8 and 10 gauge barrels?

According to "Parker Guns, The Old Reliable" by Ed Muderlak, Parker in 1937 at least one pair of Shotguns on a No. 1/2 frame. Each of the guns were fitted with both 12 & 20 gauge barrels. Each of the barrels were 24 inches. I have no record of the 8/10 interchangeable barrels but I do know that Parker had many request for a 10/12 combination for which they refused because of the extra metal needed to fit the two barrels at the breech, thereby making the gun one to two pounds heavier.

What is the value of a Parker Bros 20 gauge double barrel serial 149817?

I can say that your Parker Bros.20gauge shotgun was made in the year 1908.What I would still need to answer your question whould be the grade(BHE,etc.)the overall condition of your shotgun,are the barrels Damascus(Black Powder),or nitro steel(smokeless powder),and the bore condition.Please include the amount of original finish on the metal,and wood.Are there any dents in the barrels?All this is important in giving you a accurate value to your shotgun.

What is a Parker Hale 20 bore side by side double trigger 26 inch barrels Shotgun worth?

I purchased one, used, good-ex. condition $850.00

What year is a Parker shotgun serial number 126212?

What year is a Parker Shotgun Serial number 126212

What is the manufacture date of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge shotgun serial number 211687?

Your Parker Bros. shotgun was made in 1925.

How much is a sidebysidedouble barrel Parker shotgun worth?

i have a t parker double barrel shotgun im wondering how much it is worth?

What is a Parker 20ga shotgun model PH serial 159084 no frills case hardening worn off worth?

approx. 1400 was produced most with twist barrels in 80% which id say that's what yours is is around 3,400.00 ,,,may i add don't shoot it if have twist barrels