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If you can find a Remington Sportsman 78 for less than $300 and it is in good condition buy as many as you can. $400 - $500 would be fair.

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Q: What is the value of Remington Sportsman 78 308?
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How much is a 243 Remington sportsman 78 worth?


Are there after market stocks for Remington Sportsman 78?

The sportsman 78 model Remington is the same as a Remington 700 adl, but i have yet to find whether to buy a short or long action stock for mine... so i would just go for a rem 700 adl stock

Is there a Remington model 543 sportsman 22?

Do not see a 543 in any of my references. Sorry-Sportsman is associated with the Remington centerfire rifles in Model 76, 760, and model 78.

Can you get a bull barrel for a Remington model 78 sportsman in 270 cal?

Sure. A Sportsman 78 is just an ugly 700 with a cheaper trigger. Any 700 part can be used on it.

What is the value of a Remington 30.06 sprg sportsman 78 with strap and scope?

Made from 84-88. Scope and sling add no value realistically (unless very high end). Value 200-350.

What is the current value of a Remington model 78 sportsman 30.06 in 85 condition?

In 85% condition it is worth between $200-$250 dollars. In 95% they go for about $350.

How old a Remington Sportsman Model 78 in 30-06?

According to the Remington website the 78s were produced between 1984 and 1988 Deemoss

What year was this 270 Remington 78 Sportsman Rifle made B6642154?

Check the barrel codes, the chart is on the Remington Society of America.

Will a Remington model 78 sportsman fit a synthetic stock for a 700 adl long or short action?

700 ADL Long Action

How do you take a bolt out of Remington sportsman 78?

Mine has a small square button in front of the trigger inside the guard . Open the bolt push the button and slide the bolt out.

Why did Remington stop productingthe Model 78 Sportsman?

I am the one who asked this question. I am a Remington fan, but I never heard of the Model 78. I loaded some ammo for a friend that owns a model 78 and when measuring the lands if realized that the overall length of the bullet was much longer than rifles I have loaded for in the past. When I looked up the Model 78 I saw that is was only produced for about 4 years and wondered why.

What is the value of a Remington 78 rifle?

I assume that you're talking about a Remington Sportsman 78 bolt action rifle. Brand new, these sold for under $400 (I think I only paid around $325 for mine back in the 1990's). They are virtually a Remington Model 700 with a cheaper finish and wood. They shoot just as well and are built just as ruggedly as the 700. You might think of them as an "economy grade" Remington 700. With no scope or accessories and in decent shape, I would assume that you could still get $350 for one. If it is in rough shape, plan on closer to $300.