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A BOIA card (or BCF card) is the Base Station Control Function in a BTS. The BCF is like the BTS's brain, controling, for example, TRx's hopping.

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Q: What is the use of boia card in nokia bts?
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Boia card in nokia bts?

BOIA card is a interface between transmissin card and bb2f, its use for bta login & software downloading boia is a brain of bts hardware cntroled by boia card.

How many trx are supported when you use one m2ha card in nokia ultra bts?

only two trx supported when we use one m2ha.

What is DRFU and is use in BTS?

It is a functional card that sits in a BTS and uses a Microwave band as link channels.

What is the function of the multicoupler card used in the Nokia BTS?

its a receiving path uplink process use where the call initiating process is done.if multicoupler is faulty or not working then there will be lot of uplink issues like sd block,call will be blocked

What is use of fiu in bts?

FIU use in Bts for large number of channels

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Are you able to use all Nokia sim cards in all Nokia phones?

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The Nokia 3650 memory can be expanded with an MMC memory card to enable storage for pictures, games, or other files and applications. - Neeraj Sharma

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