What is the universal passcode of ipod touch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the universal passcode of ipod touch?
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How do you get rid of a passcode on an iPod touch?

You have to have unlocked the iPod Touch, and then go to the settings, and then your passcode settings. Enter your passcode to stop the use of the passcode on your iPod.

Forgot iPod Touch passcode?

restored ipod touch 4g. i have forgot my passcode?

How do you get past ipod touch passcode?

If you do not know the passcode, you cannot get past the iPod Touch lock screen.

What is a restrictions passcode for the ipod touch?

A restrictions passcode is a personalized passcode that you create to prevent other people from using your iPod Touch while unattended.

How do you hack a ipod touch passcode?

Restore it completely and the passcode will be gone. :)

How do you get past the passcode on an iPod Touch?

Enter your 4-digit passcode. If it is not your iPod Touch, do not attempt to hack it, since hacking is illegal in most places. If it is your iPod, you have to restore it through iTunes if you forgot the passcode.

What do you do if you cant access an iPod touch with the passcode on?

you can restore the whole ipod

How do you delete an iPod touch passcode?

by restoring the ipod to factory conditions

What do you do if your forget your passcode for your iPod Touch?

You have to restore the iPod through iTunes.

How do you put a password on iPod Nano touch?

There is no iPod Nano Touch. On an iPod Touch you can add a PassCode in the General section of the Settings.

Can you bypass restrictions on iPod Touch?

if you have the passcode, sure

Forgot passcode for ipod touch?

restore it on itune...