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1/14 IIRC. Have it verified by a gunsmith

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2010-07-04 04:14:33
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Q: What is the twist rate of sako L461 223 rem?
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Sako l461 223 you would like to replace the barrel what is the best option to replace it with?

Another Sako barrel

What is Sako Vixen Sport 223 twist rate?

1:12 or 1:14. Stick to the very light bullets.

What is Sako L461?

It's a high-quality, bolt action rifle, which apparently comes in .223 rem, .222, and a few other high-velocity, small-bore calibers. Sako is a Finnish firearms manufacturer. You can find more information buy searching for Sako L461 on Gunbroker, or reading the Sako article on Wikipedia. A blue book of gun values can help you find the appropriate price value if you're looking to sell or insure your L461.

What is the rate of twist in a Savage Model 24 223?

The factory website lists the twist rate for .223 for the model 24F as 1 in 14 for the 24 inch barrel.

What is the twist rate in Barrel Winchester HV 223 Rem Model 70?

Them twist rate of a Winchester model 70 rifle in .223 1"in 9".

What is the twist rate in a Winchester featherweight 223 Rem?

The barrel twist is 1 -12.

What is the rifling twist rate in a Remington 700 adl chambered in .223?

1- 12 twist

What is the twist rate of a Remington seven 223 barrel?

1 in 12

What is the twist rate in a Winchester model 70 223 Rem?

1 in 9"

What is the twist rate for a Winchester Model 70 in 243 WSSM?

Your rifles twist rate is one turn in 9inches/1 in 9.this is for a 223 cal

What is the barrel twist of savage model 110 in 223 caliber?

the rate of twist i probably 9" or 1 in 9" not to sure.

What is the rate of twist in a Winchester model 70 westerner 223 rem?


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