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It is About a Boy who learns taht people are different and that they must sometimes learn to be alone.

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Q: What is the theme of blackberries by Leslie Norris?
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When did Leslie Norris die?

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What is the thesis of shaving by Leslie Norris?

The longed tales

To what effect does the author use symbolism in the story entitled 'Shaving' by Leslie Norris?

In "Shaving" by Leslie Norris, the use of symbolism deepens the exploration of themes such as loss, transition, and vulnerability. The act of shaving represents the passage of time and the protagonist’s journey from youth to adulthood. The mirror serves as a reflection of the character's inner turmoil and realization of mortality.

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What is the story blackberries by Leslie Norris?

It is a story about a young boy and his parents. His innocence is taken away when he begins crying over a quarrel his parents have over money. He has a great bond with his father and his mother insists on fighting about money and how he does not try his best at getting it. The boy and his father go out to the woods and end up picking and eating Blackberries and decide to bring some home for his mother to enjoy as well. There was nowhere to put them in but the boy's new cap bought by the mother which was very expensive. As they arrive home, that is what the fight is about. The cap is full of stains and Blackberry juice.

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