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Banquet hall is the largest department of a hotel

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Q: What is the the largest department of a hotel?
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What hotel department has the largest number of personnel?


What are the department of hotel?

what are the nine department of hotel?

What are the nine department of hotel?

what are the nine department of hotel?

What is a hotel housekeeping department mean?

"house keeping department of a hotel is responsible for the cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of a hotel...!"

What was the largest hotel in 1965?

What was the largest hotel in the year 1965?

List of department in lage luxury hotel?

One department you will find in a large luxury hotel is a housekeeping department. Others departments include personnel department, operations department and maintenance department.

What is the definition of housekeeping in hotel housekeeping department?

The definition of housekeeping in a hotel is an operational department responsible for cleaning. Responsibilities of a hotel housekeeping department include cleanliness of the hotel including public areas.

What other department in the hotel do food and beverage have interrelationships with?

all the department in a hotel are interrelated to each other.

Function of a sales department in hotel?

The function of a sales department in a hotel is to attract or get business for the hotel. Sales managers often specialize in conventions, tours, or corporate accounts for the hotel.

What is the largest hotel in Malaysia?

Malaysia largest hotel is First World Hotel with total rooms of 6118 rooms.

Two major department of hotel and their department needs?

maintenance and engineering department

What is engineering in hotel department?

maintain electrical dsitribution to the hotel