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Q: What is the surname of this name Syed Faizan Waqar?
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What is the birth name of Syed Noor?

Syed Noor's birth name is Syed Ghulam Mohiyuddin Noor.

What is the birth name of Nirala?

Nirala's birth name is Syed Muzaffar Husain Zaidi.

Is Rogers in John Rogers Searle a name or a surname?


What beoncye first name?

Beyoncé is her first name! Her surname is Knowles.

What was Gideon's other name?

Gideon is his surname. His first name is Jason

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What does the name WAQAR means?

The meaning of Waqar Name means a big status,tolerant

What is the birth name of Waqar Younus?

Waqar Younus's birth name is Waqar Younis Maitla.

Syed male or female name?

Syed is a female name. Most usually a surname. Rarely it may be used as a first name. It is more of a title. The equivalent of Sir or Lord in English. People with this name are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!

What is the meaning of the name Faizan?

The beneficial

What is the birth name of Syed Noor?

Syed Noor's birth name is Syed Ghulam Mohiyuddin Noor.

What is the birth name of Syed Kirmani?

Syed Kirmani's birth name is Syed Mujtaba Hussein Kirmani.

Can you suggest me any Indian girls name in which no wovels?

faizan an autobiography

What is syed of eastenders real name?

Syed Masood's real name is Marc Elliot

What is the birth name of Sidi Oraza?

Sidi Oraza's birth name is Syed Osman bin Syed Rashtan.

What was the name of sir syed mother?

The name of the educationist, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's mother was Aziz-un-Nisa.

Do you call syeds to all those people who belongs to 12 imams?

Syed is a like a salutations or surname given to the descendants of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). But it is also an Arabic way of addressing somebody. It is equivalent to calling somebody "mister". To have Syed as part of your name and to be call Syed is 2 different things. Returning to your question. If you are Arabic then you'll be calling all that is older or more authority than you Syed or other Arabic honorific terms. If you are not then you have a choice to call them using Arabic honorifics or you own language honorifics.

What was the father's name of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

Sir Syed's father Mir Muhammad Muttaqi