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Lets just say that the most powerfull nuke can annialate London 3 times over (most possibly). This is the Russian Tsar bomb, the 'father of all bambs'. A fireball 8 miles wide. Now that's big. But that is strategic nuclear weapons. Tactican nuclear weapons are a lot less powerfull. But still enougth to annialate a large army.

For most of the Western powers (France, UK, USA), a typical strategic nuclear weapon is around 1/3 MT (350-380 kT), while tactical weapons generally are in the double-digit kiloTons (15-75kT, mostly).

Those of Russian and Chinese make are typically a bit bigger for strategic weapons (about 1MT or so), mostly due to lower levels of accuracy of the weapon. The tactical weapons are about the same size as Western powers.

India and Pakistan both deploy atomic weapons in both strategic and tactical roles, but the characteristics of both are not well know. It is thought that they use 100-200kT weapons in the strategic role, and 10-50kT weapons in the tactical role.

The most typical measure of destruction of a nuclear weapon is the range at which it can produce a 5 psi overpressure wave. A 1 MT weapon detonated at the optimal height to maximize the 5 psi blast wave zone would have a 5 psi damage radius of about 3.2 miles. A 50 kT weapon would optimally have about a 1.2 mile radius 5 psi blast zone.

Note that the power of a nuclear explosion goes up with the cube root of the yield. Thus, to make a bomb twice as powerful, you need to have 8 time the yield. Thus, a 1 MT bomb has a blast radius of about 10 times that of a 1 kT weapon.

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Q: What is the strength of modern nuclear weapons?
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