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sadly 250mg are worth 5$ so 5mg would only be worth 0.10cents. the sad part is 60 capsules would be only worth $6 when their pharmacy value is $600 and up. the main use is to give you the munchies and pain relief. but at only 5mg it's not that strong. also it might be illegal to smoke marijuana. but it's cheaper, more effective. and can help treat more problems then dronabinol and safer. also dronabinol contains Delta-9 (THC) which is what's tested for in drug test. so if your someone that needs to take dronabinol. please take some friendly advice and smoke some marijuana it's safer, cheaper, and better, just regulate it and be safe.

but i could be wrong about the price because all i could find it called 250mg is worth 5$ but i have only found that drug comes in 2.5mg 5mg and 10mg. so if 250mg is the same thing as 2.5mg then the cost is 5$ per pill. but i still stand by that marijuana is safer, cheaper, and better

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Q: What is the street value of a 5mg THC pill dronabinol?
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