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Depending on the place where you get it done & the standard jewellery they have. It's usually a 14g or a 16g.

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Q: What is the standard gauge for a lip piercing?
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What is the normal gauge of a lip piercing?

14g is normal for a male lip piercing, 16g is normal for a female lip piercing.

Is a 14 gauge normal for a lip piercing?

14g to 16g is normal for a male lip piercing, 16g to 18g is normal for a female lip piercing.

What is the average lip piercing gauge?

1.2mm / 16g to 1.6mm/ 14g

Can a labret stud be used on the lip?

If it's a vertical Labret piercing then it's a curved barbell, if it's a standard lip piercing it can be a labret stud or a ring.

What size gauge or mm is an average nose piercing?

For a standard nostril piercing, 18 g.

What is the standard nose ring gauge?

18g is the standard nostril piercing gauge. 20g is too fine and too much like wearing a knife in your piercing should it get caught or snagged.

Will a lip piercing stretch after age you get it?

Once any piercing is *seasoned (*over a year old ), so long as the jewellery is appropriate for the piercing in gauge and length or diameter the piercing will not stretch unless you change it to a larger gauge. So will you have this big gaping hole in your lip? Well no, if you stay with the jewellery you are sized to it should stay the same size during the *life of the piercing (* this is for however long you choose to keep the piercing ).

What is it called if you have one lip piercing on the left side?

For your upper lip, Left is a monroe piercing. The bottom lip could just be a lip piercing, or labret piercing.

If you have an 18 gauge for a lip piercing when you switch it out can you use a 16 gauge instead?

Yes, but you would be streching the hole, like people stretch their ears.

Is a normal sized earring the same size as a normal sized lip piercing?

No! Check with the piercer to see what gauge ur lip bar is .... mine is 16g

Is it okay for the meat in your lip to cover the back of your lip piercing?

Yea,i have a lip piercing and it does that do its natural

What does a lip piercing mean on a guy?

It means that he wanted a lip piercing :)