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He is definitely not joyful. He is like the grim reaper. He is silent and seems like a mixture of mad and sad. I hope this helps... but I don't think it will be 2 much. Please change if you have a better answer!

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Q: What is the spirits personality like in the Christmas carol?
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What was Fan's personality like in the book Christmas Carol?

to be the big guy and nothing else

Who did not like Christmas?

Scrooge did not like Christmas in A Christmas Carol.

What Disney character portrayed Jacob Marley in Mickey's Christmas Carol?

Goofy portrays Jacob Marley in Mickey's Christmas Carol, he comes to tell Scrooge (Scrooge McDuck) that three spirits will visit him soon, Goofy has a ghost-like appearance and is in long chains.

What Christmas movie is this quote from Yes Yes I do I like Christmas I love Christmas?

A Christmas Carol

What is a carol?

a carol is when you like sing like in the movie a christmas carol, come on people you have got to know this knowledge

What does Scrooge like that is cheap in A Christmas Carol?


What is Scrooges' greatest virtue at the end of 'A Christmas Carol'?

That from now on, he celebrated Christmas like no other.

What did London smell like in the book a Christmas carol?

bad :L.

What are static and dynamic elements in a character?

The dynamic elements of a character, is when the character's personality changes by the end of the story. Like in a Christmas Carol, when ebeneezer scrooge is mean and selfish at the beginning, but then at the end he is nice and giving.The static elements of a character, is when the character's personality does not change through the story.

What is the Doctor Who Christmas special this year?

It is called a Christmas carol, and is sort of like the dickens novel, but with monsters and the doctor

What does the second spirit in the novella A Christmas Carol look like?

It looks like Santa Claus

Where did the vendors in a Christmas carol get their items?

They would have bought them from merchants like Scrooge