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Bang or Boom

NO it makes alot of bangs if automatic

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Q: What is the sound a gun shot makes?
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What is that sound that John Lennon makes in Come Together?

"Shot-gun", with lots of reverb.

Name something that makes a startling sound?

car horn, siren, gun shot alarm thunder

Why do you hear a sound when you shot a gun?

Rapidly expanding gas from burning gunpowder makes a pressure wave in the air.

Who makes a 24 gauge shot gun?

No one.

What would happen first hear a gun shot or see a gun shot?

See it- speed of light, then hear it- speed of sound is MUCH slower.

What happens if you get shot with a cap gun?

Nothing. A cap gun has no bullets, it just makes noise.

What does booyaka mean in English?

Booyaka is an expression used to indicate the sound of a gun-shot.

Who makes the High standard flight king shot gun?

High Standard

What Gun manufacturer makes a 5 shot 410 pistol?

Try Taurus

Why are light and sound waves?

light and sound are in waves, because when a sound is made, such as a gun shot, the sound rips through the air in waves. as for light? noidea bro.

Where can get the gun sounds for movie maker?

Just Google: free gun sound effects.That will bring up lots of free sound effect sites. Almost every site will offer a gun shot sounds of all types.

What reaction is produced by the works bomb?

The bottle its in expands and explodes making a sound like a gun shot.