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Q: What is the smallest size gauge a septum pincher?
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What is the smallest gauge size for a pincher?

You can find some metal ones in 16ga but for other materials, the smallest is usually 14ga or 12ga. You can find the smaller ones if you look at septum jewelry

What size gauge do you pierce septum with?

The standard starter size for a septum piercing is 14g.

What is the smallest size gauge?

20gauge piercings are the smallest common size.

What is the smallest gauge size you can get from Hot Topic?

12g would be your starter :)

What is the next size smaller after 16 gauge?

The next size smaller after 16 gauge is 18 gauge. Smaller gauge numbers indicate thicker wire diameters, so as the gauge number decreases, the wire thickness increases.

What is the smallest gauge size for your ear?

20g. But that's a regular ear piercing size. So you'll move up to 18g.

What is the Smallest size gauge for modonna piercing?

Did u mean monroe? If so i think its a 16 gage.

What is the smallest size emt conduit that can be used with nineteen 10 gauge thwn wires?

1 1/2 inch

What the smallest size you can get flesh tunnels?

The first response there is EXTREMLY incorrect. Every piercing no matter what size is a gauge. If you want to have a larger gauge then you will need to use different typed of tapers and plugs to do so. The smallest size you can see through using a small enough silicone tunnel would most likely be an 8, if for some reason not then go up to a 6.

What needle has the smallest gauge?

The smallest gauge needle that I'm aware of is 22g. But no one will pierce you with anything less than 20g, and that's usually in the nose. But, the standard size piercing needle is around 16-12g, but you can make a request to be pierced at a larger gauge, if there's sufficient flesh for it to go through.

Is a pencil a size 0 gauge size?

No, a pencil is not a size 0 gauge size but a 4 gauge.

What is the smallest gauge size for your lip?

Lip rings range in size from 20 gauge (the smallest) to 14 gauge (the largest). Sixteen-gauge is considered a "normal" size lip ring. The piercer will usually start with a lip ring that is slightly larger to accommodate the swelling that will naturally occur as a result of the piercing process. Once healing has occurred, the wearer can change the size of the lip ring to either a smaller or larger one.