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Size chart as how big the bud will be? its all depending on what kind of weed your dealing with. if you have dank or anything like that the size will be smaller, but on average an eighth will be be the size of a lighter and 1/4 will be 2 times that. its better to weigh it. The weight of an eighth is 3.5 grams and it goes incrementally up.

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Q: What is the size chart on weed ounce gram 8th?
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How many joints can you make with an ounce of weed?

well, 28 grams in an ounce. A regular size joint is .5 of a gram to a whole gram so if u wanted u could get 56 joints out of it.

How much does a gram of weed wiegh?

A gram of weed typically weighs one gram, which is equivalent to about 0.035 ounces.

How many nicks in a ounce of weed?

The number of nicks in an ounce of weed can vary depending on the size of the nicks. It is not a standard unit of measure for weed and would not typically be used to describe the amount of cannabis in an ounce.

How many nicks are in a q ounce of weed?

A "nick" is an old slang term for $5 worth of marijuana. Therefore, the number of nicks in a quarter ounce of weed would depend on the price per gram of the marijuana being purchased.

How much does weed cost in humboldt county?

10$ a gram About 200$ an ounce. These are prices for medium quality, but if you are in Humbold the quality and price vary.

What is the sentence in Alabama for less than a gram of marijuana?

your an idiot none its to much paper work for less than 10 bucks worth of weed your pretty much good with anything under an ounce who carries around under a gram of weed anyway lol

What is the measurements of weed?

Weed (marijuana) i usually measured in grams or "G's". So, if you here someone say "yo, can I get 2.5?" That means 2.5 grams of weed. Another common term is an eighth. An eighth is 4 G's of weed. And finally, you have an ounce, or an "O" An O is 32 G's of weed.

How much does a half gram of weed weight?

A gram is a gram.

How many bowls is 1 gram of weed?

Mostly depends on the size of your bowl, but for the most part 4.

How many nickel bags are in 1 ounce of weed?

There are three nickel bags in an ounce. This goes back to when you would purchase an ounce for fifteen dollars, ie... a nickle was five dollars worth of marijuana. Wrong, wrong wrong. Not even close. As a professional tester of this plant, i can accurately tell you that there just over 28 grams in one ounce, 28.3495231 grams to be exact, and a dime bag is one half a gram. So, there are 56 dime bags, or 112 nickles in one ounce.

If you have a Half pound of weed how much do you put in a nickel size bag?

Half a gram/ .5g

Is a zip of weed a gallon size freezer bag?

No, a zip of weed is old school slang for an ounce. Not measured by weight buy by how many fingers tall the (sandwich) baggie is. ie; a four finger bag would equal a zip (ounce)