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the similartes between the drawing is the cow jumped over the moon and went home to his momma :) :) :D :D :P :P

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Q: What is the similarities and differences between orthographic and isometric projections?
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What are the limitations on oblique and isometric projections?


Is a isometric projection used for developing a multiview drawing?

No, a multiview projection is used for developing a multiview drawing. Multiview projections are orthographic projection where the object is behind the plane of projection, and is oriented such that only two of its dimensions are shown.

What are the different types of pictorial drawing?

Isometric, orthographic and oblique drawings.

The relationship between isometric projection and orthographic projecton?

the relationship is complicated.. you should use google to find it

What is the definition of orthographic projection?

ISOMETRIC drawings are drawn at 60-30 degree angles. Orthographic projections are views of a 3D object, showing 3 faces of it. The 3 drawings are aligned so that if the page were folded, it would create part of the shape. Also called multiview projections. The 3 faces of an object consist of its plan view, front view and side view There are 2 types of orthographic projection which are 1st angle projection and 3rd angle projection.

What three sides do you see on an isometric drawing?

name three basic dimensions of orthographic drawing

Difference between orthographic projection and isometric projection?

These principles are usually taught in a drafting class, but may be taught in advanced art as well. Orthographic views may be drawn out on a page to show top, front and side views of an isometric drawing that is also drawn on the page as well. This is a basic drafting design setup.

What are the three main views of a sketching or drawings that are required depict an object?

Isometric, Orthographic and Perspective, but perspective is not required to depict an object.

What are the three views of a sketch or drawing that are required to an object?

Isometric, Orthographic and Perspective, but perspective is not required to depict an object.

What is orthographic grid paper?

Orthographic grid paper is grid paper that allows for isometric drawings. This allows for 3 dimensional drawings, and is common for drawing construction diagrams, as-builts and such. For example, you could use this to account length, width, and elevation.

What is the disadvantage of using isometric drawings?

v Orthographic drawingØOrthographic drawings are orthographic projection drawings. These can be drawn at first angle projection and third angle projections.ØI am going to explain orthographic third angle projection drawing because I use them.ØIf I want to draw orthographic third angles projection drawing I have to follow some rules.ØThese rules are:ØThe view from the front is in the middle.ØThe view from the left is on the left.ØThe view from the right is on the right.ØThe view from the top is on the top.ØThe view from the bottom is on the bottom.ØThe view from the rear/back is on the far right.Example of orthographic third angle projection.Orthographic drawing advantageOrthographic drawing disadvantageEasy to recognized /read and understand by engineers.Hard to recognized by other people then engineers.Doesn't looks like at all to real design/picture.

When would a perspective drawing be a better communication tool than an orthographic or isometric drawing?

if you wanted to show it from a cool angle, or if you wanted to make it look big or small