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In the US? Five years in Federal prison, no probation, no parole, IF he has access to the firearms.

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Q: What is the sentence of a felon who gets caught with guns in his home?
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In Virginia what if a felon is caught with guns?

The felon will most likely be arrested.

What if a felon is caught with a gun in the car?

Felons are not allowed to possess guns, regardless of where they are.

What happens if a felon is caught with guns and possession of drugs in state of Utah?

You're obviously screwed...

Can a convicted felon attend a gun show?

The basic answer is no. The short answer is, a felon cannot have access to guns, and at a gun show, a felon would have access to guns, so it's illegal.

Can a nonviolent felon have guns in Oklahoma?


Can a felon transport guns?

Absolutely not.

Can a felon hunt with guns?

In the U.S. a convicted felon may not own or posses a gun.

Is a felon whose crime was nonviolent have guns or can their spouses have guns?

No felon can buy, posess, or live in a house or dwelling where firearms are present. Furthermore if a non-felon buys a firearm for a felon as a gift or to cover for them because they cannot pass the 4473 background check they are aiding a felon and punishable by the same prison sentence. The standard sentence for felony possesion of a firearm is 10 years in a federal prison. But that is rarely handed out. However it would greatly benefit the U.S. if it did hand out this punishment. However, to clarify part of the answer, the spouse of a felon can own a gun, as long as the spouse can otherwise legally own the gun. However, the gun cannot be stored anywhere the felon could possibly have access to it.

How do you turn in a felon who owns guns?

Notify the police.

If a felon lives with you do you have to move guns in Iowa?

If a felon lives with you, you should probably move far away If a felon lives with you u are bad at picking dates

Why TI is going to jail?

He was a previously convicted felon who went out and bought machine guns illegally. He has completed 1000 hours of community service and begins a 1 year jail sentence in March 2009.

Is there a limit to hand guns and long guns owned by one person?

Only if you are a felon...(None in the United States).