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10 to 14 days after the first day of your period.

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Q: What is the safe time to avoid pregnancy?
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Is it safe to take midol complete while pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to use the above medication in pregnancy in recommended dosage. But you tend to avoid unnecessary medication in pregnancy.

Is it safe to eat mono sodium glutamate during pregnancy?

No my Doctor has told me to avoid it//

Is betapyn safe in pregnancy?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

Is there a heating pad safe for use on skin?

Yes. It is safe to use heating pad in pregnancy. But avoid putting it on abdomen.

Is it safe to eat Stilton cheese during pregnancy?

It is best to avoid blue cheeses when pregnant.

When is it safe to meet woman to avoid pregnancy?

You need to get the know the woman BEFORE you decide to have sex with her.

Will a pain pill harm my baby?

Paracetamol is considered as safe pain killer during pregnancy. But then, you should avoid the same, if possible in pregnancy.

Is it safe to use mixer grinder atsix months of pregnancy?

No its not safe,because of its loudness Try to avoid it. Baby dont like this voice

Ajinomoto products safe during pregnancy?

Try to avoid Ajnomoto during your pregnancy as it contains high amount of sodium which may increase your hypertension.

Which months are safe for sex in pregnency time?

In normal pregnancy without problem, it is safe to have sex from the beginning of your pregnancy until you give birth.

Which days are safe for unprotacted sex to avoid pregnancy during mansuration cycle?

immediately before and immediately after a period.

Does a root canal have any affects on pregnant women?

Yes. It is safe to do root canal treatment during pregnancy. But you tend to avoid the same in first trimester of pregnancy.