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There's no age for getting a boyfriend or girlfriend because it is Love, just be sure that you are ready and you are able to handle your relationship.

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Q: What is the right age to get a boyfriend?
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When is it acceptable to sleep with a new boyfriend?

i might be the only guy left to think this but, don't sleep with your boyfriend... unless you're married

Is it right to move out with your boyfriend at the age of 19?

There is no Right or Wrong about that. It's your decision, but there is NOTHING WRONG with that decision.

Who is maranda cosgroves boyfriend right now?

guy the same age as her called Mathew lives near her

Should you tell your boyfriend your real age if at the start of the relationship he thought you were older?

Yes . If he really likes you then he will overlook age and stay with you. But if he isn't for real then he isn't right for you.

What age are you allowed to have a boyfriend?

There is no specific age at which you are "allowed" to have a boyfriend; it varies based on cultural norms, personal beliefs, and family values. It is important to consider emotional readiness, communication, and mutual respect in relationships at any age.

What age are you allow to have boyfriend?

That question is really up to your parents. Say, " What age do you think I will be until I get a boyfriend?"

Get a boyfriend at age 9?


Am i too young for a boyfriend?

The youngest age that I think is for a conpanion is 12. If your that age, than go get yourself a boyfriend!

What age is right to have a boyfriend?

It really depends on your age really if you are a preteen try to make your relationship safe and not having sex, that's bad. every relationship should be safe and crontrolled. =]

How old do you have to be to be a boyfriend?

You can be any age to be a boyfriend, the older you get, the more you will start to realise that relationships become more serious with age.

What age is the right one to get a girl friend?

There's no right or wrong age to get a girlfriend or boyfriend. Whenever you personally feel the time is right. I'm 14 and I've never had a BF. My sister is 12 and she's had 3 already. It all depends on who you like, how they feel about you, and your maturity levels.

Is it weird if you haven't ever had a boyfriend and you are in year 9?

It's not weird. There isn't a specific age that you are supposed to have a boyfriend. Everyone is different.