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Twist is 1:12

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Q: What is the rifling twist of the Howa 1500 223 rem?
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What is the rifling twist rate in a Remington 700 adl chambered in .223?

1- 12 twist

What is the price of a howa 223 rifle?

Model 1500, Trophy Standard in very good condition, around $450

Rifling twist rate Remington 700 223 varmint?

1/9? Well, maybe. Most of these rifles were made with a 1 in 12" twist. This twist was judged best for the lighter varmint bullets (40-52 gr). Some newer .223 rifles are offered with 1-9" twists. Its best to check the rifle to make sure which one it is to be certain.

Can you shoot 5.56 ammo out of 223 S and W model 1500?

Yes but I would only shoot those loads with a 55gr.bullet or lighter.I believe the smith and Wesson model 1500 has a twist rate that is not made for the heavier bullets found in todays .223 ammo.

What is the twist rate in a Winchester featherweight 223 Rem?

The barrel twist is 1 -12.

What is the twist rate in Barrel Winchester HV 223 Rem Model 70?

Them twist rate of a Winchester model 70 rifle in .223 1"in 9".

What is the rate of twist in a Savage Model 24 223?

The factory website lists the twist rate for .223 for the model 24F as 1 in 14 for the 24 inch barrel.

What is the twist rate of a Remington seven 223 barrel?

1 in 12

Best bullet for an ar15?

That depends on what its chambered for.... Most AR-15's are chambered for the standard 5.56x45mm military round, although some will only have a .223 Remington chamber, and it not advisable to fire 5.56 rounds through these. There is also the .223 Wylde, which can handle all loadings of 5.56 and .223. Most commercial AR15 rifles will come with a 1:9 barrel twist rate, which can accommodate both the lightweight 45 and 55 grain commercial .223 and M193 cartridges, as well as the heavier 62 grain NATO cartridges. However, when you get into loads such as the 77 grain rounds, the 1:9 barrels won't stabilise them very well. 1:8 barrel twist is the most dynamic, and can handle anything from 55 grain .223 and M193 up to the 80 grain .223 Wylde, and everything in between. 1:7 twist is a bit too fast a rifling twist for the lightweight 45/55 grain .223 rounds and the 55 grain M193 rounds, and really is a bit excessive a twist rate for the 62 grain M855/SS109 (NATO standard) cartridges. But it's great for 75, 77, 80 grain projectiles.

What is the barrel twist of savage model 110 in 223 caliber?

the rate of twist i probably 9" or 1 in 9" not to sure.

What is the twist rate in a Winchester model 70 223 Rem?

1 in 9"

Can you Shoot 5.56 Ammo Out of your 223 Model 1500 S and W Rifle?

yes. the 5.56 is the 223 caliber ammo.