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Credit scores given by Experian range from five hundred one to nine hundred ninety. Experian uses a scale to rate credit scores from "A" to "F", similar to the way grades are given in the American school system.

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Q: What is the range of credit scores given by Experian?
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What is the average good credit score?

Although credit scores can range between over 800 (which is considered Excellent) and less than 500 (considered Aweful), any score that is around 720 or a little above 720 is considered "Good." You can check your credit score at Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax.

What is the numerical range for credit scores?

one to ten

What are the numerical range for credit scores from the three major reporting agencies?

from 300 to 850

What does a 670 credit score mean?

Credit scores range between 300 and 850 with 300 being BAD You are not a fabulous credit risk.

What score shows a good credit history?

The average credit score is 687, according to Experian. But if you're looking to get into the Good range, you will need to increase your credit score up to 750 or higher.

How can someone have a credit score of 828 when the highest is 779?

There are many different types of formulas used to figure out credit scores. Each formula has a different range. In all of the examples below, a credit score of 828 is possible. FICO Fair Isaac Co. FICO Score* 300-850 Equifax ScorePower Score 300-850 Experian PLUS Score 330-830 Experian Vantage Score 501-990 TransUnion TransRisk Score 400-925

What are the ranges for credit scores?

The range of the credit or "FICO" score is from 300-850. 300 would be the worst and 850 being the best.

Is a 628 credit score good?

FICO scores range between 300 and 850. Ratings are as follows: ~ Excellent: Over 750 ~ Very Good: 720 or more ~ Acceptable: 660 to 720 ~ Uncertain: 620 to 660 ~ Risky: less than 620 Information from experian.

How can a person get so many business credit checks?

The best way for someone to get business credit checks are by going to the official experian website. They have an instant credit check and offer a range of services for different types of businesses.

Where can I find advice on credit scores for my student loan consolidation?

A good site for finding information regarding student loan consolidation and credit scores in relation to that would be at They state that a credit score of 650 or lower is regarded as "subprime", but lenders have been experimenting with accepting a wider range of credit scores. Good luck!

What is a good range for your credit score?

Credit scores of 620 and lower are average to sub-par. When your credit score reaches the 700s it begins to be considered good credit with about 750 being excellent

What is the maximum credit score you can get?

The parameters of the FICO range from 300 (lowest), up to 850 (highest) credit rating. Suffice to say, that the majority of people fall somewhere in the 600 and 700 range. The highest scores usually range in the area of 720-850. This range is considered to be excellent credit

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