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If you are looking for a quiet air rifle, then look for one that has a "shroud" on the end of the barrel. An air rifle "shroud" on an air rifle is like a silencer on a firearm only it legal to have one on and air rifle in most places. The Shroud is often called a "noise dampener". Gamo offers the Whisper model that clams to reduce the sound by 52%. There are others that are much more quiet but they can be very expensive. As an example I own an Air Force Condor that has a full barrel Shroud with 5 baffles in the shroud. It's very quiet but expensive, costing over $700. The Benjamin Marauder is also a quiet air rifle with a full shroud at a cost just over $500.

I suggest you look at the following web page.

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Q: What is the quietest air rifle?
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