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to entertain people, and bring a funky beat to music

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Q: What is the purpose of a usb dj mixer?
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What do you use to record music you mix on a dj mixer?

If you mean a USB DJ Mixer, then try some of the freeware DJ programs such as: VIRTUAL DJ; CROSSDJ FREE; CUTEDJ. there are others as well.

How do you get into the Bacardi dj mixer?


How can you make your DJ name sound if you mix a song?

Call yourself DJ mixer

What is the difference in a DJ amp and a mixer amp?

mixer is when you ix the music only but he dj amp i for all the gear like speakers mixers turntables and stuff.............

Who is the most economically successful DJ mixer in the DC area?

The most economically successful DJ mixer in the DC area is Pioneer DJM-700. It has a four channel mixer and it is available at a price of 89 dollars.

How do you hook up DJ mixer to PC?

Depending on the Mixer itself, you might hook it up to a multiple of things. DJ mixers are usually connected to 1 or more sources of sound. In most DJing set-ups, these imput items would be turntables or CD players. Depending on the amount of "inputs" the mixer has, you can add a variety of sources. On the "out" connection, the mixer is generally plugged into an amplifier so you will be able to hear the sound that is produced. You might also have a CD burner, PC, or other items connected to your "out" plugs.

What is an open source dj mixer program?

An open source dj mixer is a totally free-of-charge means of editing and controlling the inputs and outputs of audio (and sometimes video) programs.

What is fader start in dj mixer?

It is used to release the track to the audience.

What's the best mixer for the money for a DJ?

The Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer Factory B-Stock can cost around $79.00 new. It's a good brand and fairly reasonibly priced.

Is a 3 channel mixer something that a disc jockey might use and if so, for what purpose?

A DJ would use a 3 channel mixerif he or she is using more than 2 sources to play music (i.e. - two turntables and a microphone). Here is an article you might find helpful:

What are some of the most recommended equipment for a beginner DJ?

There are some equipment recommended for a beginner DJ. The most important include DJ turntables, DJ cartridges, DJ mixer, slipmats, DJ headphones, RCA cables, etc.

What sound card is best for running a mixer?

The American Audio M-52 USB Mixer/Sound Card is best for running a mixer.