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Phone them and ask.

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Q: What is the price of getting ears pierced at ardene's?
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Can you wear earrings for pierced ears if you don't have pierced ears?

No,because you need the little holes from getting your ears pierced for the earring to go through.

Where can you get your ears pierced in Bath?

I do not have any piercings, though am considering getting my earlobes pierced. Many of my friends have pierced ears and got their ears pierced at either Jollys, Clairs, Accessorise or at a doctors surgery.I suggest if any of your friends have pierced ears that you ask them where they got them pierced.

Can you get meningitis from getting your ears pierced?


Do ears get red after getting pierced?

usually, yes

Are allowed to have your ears pierced in the navy?

Check with your NCO before getting anything pierced.

What age is suitable for getting ears pierced?

any age.

Does getting the top of your ears pierced affect your hearing?

No it doesn't.

Can nuns have pierced ears?

no they can not have there ears pierced

Is getting your ears pierced at Claire's safe?

No it's not, see claire's does something called silver piercing, and silver piercing isn't as good for your ears, and then after you get your ears pierced there they get very irritated and gross, and they hurt a lot, so get your ears pierced at a jewelers, or a doctor's. I agree. Claire's is an alright place to gt your ears pierced, but I would recommend Piercing Pagoda, because they specialize in ear piercings, and they have very high quality earrings. Claire's is a good place to get earrings after you have gotten your ears pierced, but, I would most recommend getting them pierced somewhere else.

Can you jump in water after getting your ears pierced?

Yes, but only after they have healed.

You pierced your ears with a needle is ther a chance of getting keloid?


What hurts more getting your ears pierced or your bellybutton?

Definitely your bellybutton.