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the price changes because it is a gift card and is not one set price

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Q: What is the price of Claires gift card?
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How do you find out how much money is left on your claires gift card online?

call them

Does claires accept American express gift cards?


How much is a claire's birthday gift card?

Whatever price you put in. There is no main price.

What is a good price for a giftcard for a 14 year old to claires?


will a cabelas coupon code work on purchases with a gift card?

A coupon code can be utilized with a gift card at Cabelas because they both apply to different things. You will enter a coupon code to get your final price, and then at checkout, choose that you want to use a gift card to pay for your order.

What is a Claires bonus bucks card?

You're not alone, I've been looking everywhere for the answer.

How many songs can you download with a 20 dollar Itunes gift card?

depends on price but about 10-15

What is the price range of portable fans that I can possibly purchase with an gift card? has a variety of portable fans over a broad range of prices, depending on the size and the features. Amazon gift cards are available in any amount, so the amount of the gift card will determine the price range of the fan. Go to to browse

How much is Starbucks gift card?

The price you want it for. If you want to buy a five dollar card, it's five dollars. If you want a ten dollar card, it's ten dollars.

Where can one purchase bulk gift card boxes?

You can find bulk gift card boxes for any occasion in any one of the major chain stores in your location. But for the best price around Target will give you more for your buck.

How much are fake glasses at Claires?

mine were on sale ....5 bucks the origonal price was 10

Can you use a visa gift card on iTunes?

Sorry, you can't use an Visa gift card on iTunes. However, you can use your Visa gift card to buy an iTunes gift card Source: