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the employment verification # is 800-265-5054, option 4

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Q: What is the phone number to hr to verify on previous employee at American General Finance?
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What is the location of American General Finance?

There are American General Finance locations all over the United States. You can go to their site to find a location near you.

Does american general finance company provide auto loans?

The answer is no. American General Finance, also known as Springleaf Financial Services, does not provide auto loans.

What is american general finance?

American general finance is a provider of loans, retail and other credit related prducts. They are based in Indiana with forty five branches.

Where is the headquarters for American General Finance located?

The headquarters for American General Finance is located in Evansville in Indiana in the United States of America. Their address is on 601 Nw 2nd Street.

Can your previous employer comment on your typing or skills on the job?

I don't believe they can. There are only very GENERAL questions an employer can ask about a previous employee.

Who regulates American general finance?

State Offices of Financial Instd.

Did Tony Hulman serve on board of directors for American general finance?


What year was American General founded?

American General Finance Corp was founded in 1921. American General Investments was founded in 1967. The answer to the question depends on which of several companies using the name you are searching for.

How many checking account plans does American General Finance offer?

American General Finance does not offer any checking accounts. This company only offers personal loans, bill consolidation, and home improvement loans.

Where is the headquarters for american general finance?

American General Finance changed their name in 2011 to Springleaf Financial Services. Their headquarters are located in Evansville, IN and they have locations in 40 states as well as the UK, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

American General Finance Corporation When is your payment do?

never...I don't have anything financed by AGF.

What kinds of financial services does American General Finance offer?

Basically, American General Finance offers loans to consumser, both secured and unsecured. However, beware the company has many complaints against it. It is now know as Springleaf Financial Services.