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The Phone Number Contact for Nursing and Midwifery Council for General Inquiries is 020 7637 7181. For Registration Inquiries is 020 7333 9333 and for International Inquiries is 020 7333 6600. For Fitness to practice the Contact Number is 020 7462 5800/5801.

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Q: What is the phone number contact for Nursing and Midwifery Council?
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How an Indian nurse can work in Malta?

intially he/she need to register in local nursing & midwifery council in malta, after getting registration number, he/she legally eligible to practise nursing in malta hospitals.

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Kaplan Nursing administer a wide range of tests associated with gaining ones qualifications in the nursing profession. Their contact telephone number is 1 800 527 8378.

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What is the phone number to contact Dundee city council?

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How can one contact Wakefield Council?

Wakefield Council in the UK can be contacted through their phone number 0845 8 506 506. The Council can also be contacted through Facebook or Twitter.

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To contact the Portsmouth City Council in Virginia, one may use email for a general message addressing the whole council. A city web site is available with a page for the council. The email is listed along with each individual members contact number.

Where to find midwifery schools.?

There are a number of midwifery schools in the U.S. Some are online and others are traditional schools. All are intended to extend the training of licensed RNs and are accredited. A list of schools of midwifery is here:

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There is not a decrease of nursing students; almost all nursing schools have waiting lists. The number of nursing students is limited by the nursing instructors.

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What is the phone number of the Council Grove Public Library in Council Grove?

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