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bring her on a date... when you start talking about love lean over and snog her

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Consent is key. Make sure she is comfortable and willing before leaning in. Start slowly, with gentle kisses, and pay attention to her cues to see if she is enjoying it. Communication is important, so feel free to ask her what she likes.

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Q: What is the perfect way to snog a girl?
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How can a girl be perfect?

They can't every girl is perfect in there own way!

How can a teen girl be perfect?

They can't every girl is perfect in there own way!

Who plays the snog trainer in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging?

Liam Hess

What is the best way to snog a lad?


Perfect way to ask a girl out?

Be creative.

How do you do he perfect snog?

First I would start to talk to him but get closer and closer to his lips every time. When you feel both of you are comfortable then I would go in for the snog. Open your mouth and lock your lips onto his. Then put your tongue onto his then start twisting it around his. Keep changing sides while you are doing it. Thjat is the recipe for the perfect snog ultimate heaven. Reply to me how it went.

How do you know when it is the right time to snog your boyfriend we are both 15 and have been going out for 10 months?

When you see the perfect opportunity, don't hesitate.

How do you get a girl that doesnt like me to kiss me?

grab hold of their face and snog them, or just say, 'i love you, i need a kiss' and snog them reallly enjoyablely so they dont get a word in edgeways and then say 'lets get married' and she'll like you.

What do you do if you want snog a guy who doesn't really like you back?

you step to him and snog him, but if you want him to snog you back then i dont now.

What do you do if you ask a girl out and she says that she is no good?

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The origin of the word 'Snog' or 'Snogging' is England :)

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well, idk what snog is but i can help with the ask out part:) you can write her a note and stick it in her locker or pass it to her when nobody is looking you could wait until she is walking home or getting on a bus and ask her then you could ask it in a poem