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The same as buying marijuana seeds in real life. Under federal law in the United States, 1 seed is the equivalent of buying 1 marijuana plant which is then again converted into 1 kg (roughly 2 pounds).

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Q: What is the penalty for buying marijuana seeds online?
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Is buying marijuana seeds online illegal?

lol wut do u think

Is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds in Tennessee?

Yes, buying marijuana seeds in Tennessee is highly illegal, and you could go to jail for it.

Are marijuana seeds illegal in the united kingdom?

They are not illegal, no. There are plenty of online stores that sell marijuana seeds legally in the U.K. Marc Emery was not charged for the seeds he sold from the U.K. as it's not illegal there.

Is it legal to posses marijuana seeds?

Yes. You can buy them online. It's just illegal to grow them.

What is marijuana seeds used for?

growing marijuana plants

Is banana Punch really a new feminized strain?

Answer: Enjoy and live a unique experience when buying Banana Punch feminized marijuana weed seeds from Blimburn Seeds Bank. It is a mostly Indica strain.

Does marijuana seeds make you steral?


What are marijuana flowering tops?


Where can one purchase cannabis seeds?

Marijuana plants, drug dealers and medicinal marijuana growers. Oh yes, and perhaps the floor board of my car ;)

Does marijuana slow down the sperm count in a man?

Eating marijuana seeds will NOT lower sperm count. It might in fact boost it as marijuana seeds are the most nutritious seeds in nature. Eating marijuana seeds is extremely good for ones health. Marijuana seeds contain oils, proteins and vitamins and NO THC, which is the narcotic agent in the parts of the plant that are used for euphoric/medical effect.

Can i germinate marijuana seeds in the dark?

yes, a dark warm place is best for germing most kinds of seeds, including marijuana.

What is marijuana made out of?

Marijuana is grown not made.Marijuana is made of the leaves and stems, and sometimes the seeds, of the marijuana plant.