What is the pan of a gun?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Part of a flintlock muzzle loading gun. The pan is a shallow metal cup. It holds priming powder. When the trigger is pulled, sparks from the flint fall onto the priming powder, igniting it. This causes the main charge of powder to fire.

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Q: What is the pan of a gun?
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The Lewis gun used a pan type magazine, either 47 or 97 rounds of ammo.

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When was the gun lock plate invented and the flash pan attached?

No exact date available- appeared around 1430-1440. Used with the matchlock system.

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The Chinese adapted their primitive catapults to eventually develop a true gun with a metal barrel, gunpowder and a projectile by the 12th century. It is believed that the first gun was found in the early 1970s at Pan-la-ch'eng-tzu village, Manchuria, and dated to around 1290 A.D. The net gun was invented by Murray Earnest Jones of Takaka, NewZealand.

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The British used muskets in battle. in the late 1700's they where developed so the gun powder went into the muskets "pan" and was ignited.

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The flintlock gun became obsolete at the advent of the percussion firearm. It was flawed due to the necessity to first prime its flash pan with fine grain gun powder before firing. The firing sequence (ignition) for the flint lock is as follows 1. Cock lock(half cock). 2. Prime pan with powder 3. Fully cock lock 4. Fire (Flint strikes metal in pan causing a spark, spark ignites gun powder, gun powder burns, passes through flash hole in barrel, ignites propellant gun powder charge, propellant charge burns, creates gas, pressure pushes ball down bore to target) The firing of the gun was very complex, and there was not an instant shot, it could take a long time, causing wobbling and loss of accuracy. The priming gun powder charge was also very prone to getting wet in the rain or having a lot of trouble with any kind of moisture, which renders the gun inoperable. The percussion cap relied on pressure to activate a chemical reaction which was not prone to moisture related problems and the flash immediately transferred to the propellant charge, thus reducing firing time.

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